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DGU: We process 2 step, 3 step DGU Glasses.
Laminated glass is made by sandwiching PVB sheet between two panes of glass. They are sealed by a series of pressure rollers and then autoclaved. During the manufacturing process of laminated glass, mechanical and chemical bonding is developed between the PVB sheet and the glass. The adhesive nature of PVB creates the mechanical bond and the hydrogen bonding between PVB and glass is the reason for chemical bonding. Because of the chemical bonding of PVB with glass, even when there is any breakage, the laminated glass remains intact.
For producing tuffest Toughened glass we follow EN standard norms. Process of toughening involves cutting, grinding, fabrication, washing and finally its tempering.
TOUGHENED GLASS : Our Toughened glass have processed with the latest top forced convection technology machinery resulting in best in class.